Google Assistant adds features intended for families

Google wants to keep your family organized and entertained, so it announced new family-oriented updates for its Google Assistant.

The changes focus mainly on smart screens, such as the Nest Hub Max, where a number of old and new features will be gathered in a new section called Family Tab.

The company says: You can expect the modified interface to arrive later this year.

Family Notes is the first new addition, allowing you to dictate note style sticky messages to tasks and reminders.

The notes are stuck to the home screen of your smart screen, so they’re visible to whoever uses the screen next.

The Family Bell feature, which uses bells to set reminders for the day of the house, got a minor update, with new sound effects and suggested bells.

Google says it plans to add the ability to pause all bells during the day you are on vacation.

Google Assistant gets two new education and entertainment options for families with younger children.

The updated smart screen can provide educational activities from service providers, such as ABCmouse, for children to complete with the new voice command “Hey Google, what can I learn with my family”.

The voice command “Hey Google, tell me a story” can also display new interactive stories for smart displays that allow you to navigate pages, read word for word, and display personalized animation.

There is a new voice command for the assistant that allows getting updates about your family’s whereabouts. You can ask the assistant “Hey Google, where’s my family”, or ask about a specific family member.

The assistant can view his last known location via Google Maps.

This feature requires a Google family account, that participating family members are over the age of 13, and that location sharing be turned on in Google Maps or partner apps, such as Life360.

In addition to smart speakers and screens that support Google’s voice assistant, this function is available on Android and iOS devices.

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