Gmail gives you more control over the data

Today, Monday, Google announced its intention to launch a new setup within its Gmail email service to facilitate the management of smart features, and give users more ability to customize their experience.

The US tech giant said in a blog post: Since 2004, Gmail has provided time and security features.

We built Gmail to make communication easier than a chore, with helpful writing capabilities, high-priority notifications, and the ability to block over 99.9 percent of spam, phishing, and malware from reaching your inbox.

In the coming weeks, Google plans to launch another way that allows users to control their data, through a new setting of smart features and customization in Gmail.

Soon, you should see a new option to control the ability to use your data in Gmail, Meet, and Chat in order to offer smart features in these products and other Google products.

Think: the tabbed inbox, smart typing, smart Gmail responses, reminders when it’s time to pay your bills in Google Assistant, and restaurant reservations on Google Maps.

The company indicated that the ability to turn on or not operate some of these individual smart features is not new, but what is new is the clearer choice about data processing through those services.

This new setup is designed to reduce the effort involved in understanding and managing this process, in light of what the company has learned from user experience research, and the regulatory authorities ’focus on understandable and actionable user choices with regard to data.

Google continues to develop controls in its products in line with these trends, and the company wants customers to use these smart features because of the value they add, such as saving time and providing a more beneficial experience.

In the event that the user decides not to use smart features and personalization, he will still be able to use Gmail and other Google products, and if he later decides that these features are useful and wants to turn them on, he can do so through Gmail settings.

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