Glitch lets see stories Twitter Fleets after the demise

The Twitter platform has a problem that means Fleets stories are not properly deleted and can still be accessed long after their 24-hour expiration date.

Twitter has become the latest social media platform that allows users to experiment with posting masked content via Fleets.

Fleets allows mobile users to post short stories, such as photos or videos with overlay text, that are set to disappear after 24 hours.

According to Twitter, the stories are for sharing momentary ideas, as they help start conversations and only stay for 24 hours.

The stories helped the platform’s users feel more comfortable joining the conversation, as they found an easier way to share what was on their minds.

Given that they disappeared by day, the stories made people feel more comfortable sharing personal and ordinary thoughts, opinions, and feelings.

Details of the bug appeared less than a week after the feature launched.

The error permits anyone to access and download Fleets User Stories without notice that Fleets User Stories has been read.

This means that the bug can be misused to archive Twitter stories after they expire.

This can be done by using an application designed to interact with Twitter back-end systems via the platform’s developer API.

Each Fleets story has its own direct URL, which when opened in a browser downloads the story as a photo or video.

Even after 24 hours have elapsed, the server continues to provide links to stories that have disappeared from view in the Twitter app.

A Twitter spokesperson said: The fix is ​​on the way, and we are aware of a bug that can be reached with a technical solution where some Fleets media URLs can be accessed after 24 hours, and we are working on a fix that should come out soon.

Twitter acknowledged that the fix means that Fleets’ stories should now expire properly, and said it will not delete Fleets stories from its servers for up to 30 days, and that it may keep Fleets stories longer if they violate their rules.

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