Garmin is adding pregnancy tracking feature to its smartwatches

Garmin has given its smartwatches more power to track women’s health, as the wearable manufacturer has added pregnancy tracking to its smartwatches, activity trackers, and the Connect app.

This provides future mothers with insight into their progress, as well as ways to improve their prenatal health, and a summary of this data can be obtained for easy sharing of medical examinations.

This feature enables tracking of pregnancy-related symptoms, such as: dizziness, fatigue and headache, monitoring their progress towards the due date, and informing parents of the current size of their child compared to fruits and vegetables based on the specified date of birth.

It also allows for pausing updates about training status, which typically uses metrics like how much exercise a person gets to classify fitness and progress.

The feature also allows for adjusting heart rate alerts, as it can increase your heart rate during pregnancy, and change your drinking water goals, while the additional app allows monitoring of contractions during labor.

Pregnant users have criticized the smartwatch and wearable device manufacturers in the past; For not including cross-device pregnancy modes, Apple Watch continues to encourage people to be active even if doctors ask them to limit exercise.

The Garmin Pregnancy feature allows users to continue using the smartwatch during pregnancy, and Susan Lyman, Vice President at Garmin Global Consumer Marketing, said: We hope the pregnancy tracking feature will help these women understand how their pregnancy is related to their active lifestyles and their overall well-being. .

The feature shows how fitness and performance statistics change during pregnancy, and special fitness-related reminders can be set, such as Kegel exercises, recording more than 30 details, and symptoms ranging from the baby’s movement to blood glucose levels.

Pregnancy tracking feature is available for many Garmin devices, including Fenix, Forerunner, Venu and Vivoactive.

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