From the new funding, 23andMe raised $ 82.5 million

From the new funding 23andMe raised $ 82.5 million

23andMe, an IT company, DNA has raised nearly $ 82.5 million in new financing, raised $ 85 million in equity shares, a new stock depository, stock exchange, and stock exchange.

Funding comes from MEST including Sequoia Capital and New View Capital. 23andMe has raised more than $ 850 million so far, the Wall Street Journal has confirmed.

For a statement issued by the company to WSJ, public use to continue financing and its development. 23andMe programs to their announcements, as there is a specific agenda dedicated to this round of the F Series illustrating this.

While the picture appears in improving health, and more knowledge about their ancestors and their family tree, she has also turned her attention, or research, to the data she has collected in aggregate, both in her own studies including a recent study in a recent study on a recent study. A person’s susceptibility to COVID-19, and what framework.

As against nearly 14% of global workers, many similar cases of Covid-19, in the face of this epidemic and the possibility of a similar problem in the future.

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