Foxconn is testing a foldable iPhone

Chinese supply chain reports claim that assembly partner (Foxconn) is now testing a foldable iPhone for Apple, and also that the devices may be shipped starting in September 2022.

The report supports a recent claim that Apple ordered foldable iPhone screens from Samsung, and a new report says: Foxconn is now testing such a device.

Reportedly, the test focuses on the use of OLED or micro LEDs, with the choice affecting how the final device will be produced.

According to Chinese newspaper United Daily News, Apple asked Foxconn to test the screen, as well as the hinges, which are the actual folding component of the iPhone’s foldable device.

The hinges are said to come from multiple suppliers, but Foxconn handles the final assembly.

Apple is asking its supply chain in Taiwan to send samples for testing, including Foxconn and Nippon, both of whom are partners Apple has relied on in its first foldable iPhone.

Nippon once noted that compared to laptop hinges, folded hinges need to withstand more bends, so reliability is very important.

And the stringent requirements for a foldable iPhone might make sense, as the device is more likely to open and fold several times a day than a MacBook.

Previous reports have claimed that a foldable iPhone could take years, however, based on information from unnamed supply chain sources, the United Daily News claims that Apple is expected to release its first foldable iPhone starting in September 2022.

The newspaper says: The folding tests for regular laptops require opening and closing them between 20,000 and 30,000 times. As for the foldable iPhone, the paper states that Foxconn will conduct more than 100,000 opening and closing tests.

This new report does not provide any details about the design of the iPhone foldable, and its sources say: Evolution is constantly changing.

However, recent claims from famous leaker (John Prosser) Jon Prosser say: The foldable iPhone will be a two-screen device, similar to Microsoft’s Surface Duo.

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