•  Chelsea will not be able to exercise the purchase option it had for the Atlético de Madrid footballer.

English football lives with uncertainty the decision that the United Kingdom government has made not to allow Chelsea to transfer or buy players, renew contracts or sell the club, the intention of its owner, Roman Abramovich. And it is that he is one of the seven Russian oligarchs who have seen how the United Kingdom freezes their assets for their relationship with Vladimir Putin.

And this affects Saúl Ñíguez. The player is owned by Atlético de Madrid, but when his decision was signed to Chelsea, a purchase option was agreed for the English club for an amount of around 40 million euros.

Although Chelsea’s intention is to try to get the government to reconsider its position, at the moment what is known is that it will not be able to carry out operations when the market opens. In other words, he will not be able to exercise the purchase option he had for the midfielder from Elche.

The initial intention from Stamford Bridge was not to execute it, since the player’s performance has not been as expected, but in the last week Saúl has given his best version, and in England they were already speculating about the possibility that the English would change their idea. Now they won’t be able to.


Thus, the mattress youth squad will return ‘home’, to Atlético de Madrid, when the course ends. And both the club, as well as the footballer and Simeone, will have to decide what is best for all parties, although the mattress fans do not see with bad eyes that the prodigal son returns to the Metropolitano after a season on loan at Chelsea in which The man from Elche has been able to change the scene and disconnect from what he was experiencing in the red-and-white entity in recent times.

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