• Barca closed the tour with a short victory against New York Red Bulls thanks to a great goal from Ousmane, who has four in this preseason
  • The French winger resolved a game that Barca dominated but without success in front of goal, although he came out with all the artillery
  • Lewandowski tried in a thousand ways but could not debut and Memphis finished the job after supplying the Pole 

Barca closed the tour of the United States with a short (0-2) but deserved win against New York Red Bulls. Last test before the presentation of the team in its stadium, in the Gamper against the UNAM Pumas. It is powerfully striking what, on this tour, it has cost to score a goal. The Barcelona team generated chances yesterday to at least win comfortably, but the gunpowder is wet. Or the machinery lacks a little break-in. Dembele, in another sensational action, decided the game in one play with Raphinha and is the summer top scorer with four goals, while Lewandowski is still out. Memphis rounded at the end.

Araujo once again occupied the side and Frenkie de Jong finally played in the midfield on this tour. He did it as a right interior, although he was exchanged with Gavi in ​​some phases. The Dutchman had a hard time activating, he was imprecise, blurred, and slow. He does not handle well the pressure on his future that he is under. And after the break, he was replaced by Kessie. Quite the opposite of Dembele, who is out. He played on the right, with Raphinha on the left, and was the great driver of the Barcelona game when it was needed.

Lewandowski in Barcelona

The local team came out very strong, with strong pressure throughout the field that made it difficult for Barcelona, ​​from the outset, to string together plays. As the minutes passed, fatigue took its toll and Barcelona took control and dominance. A high shot from Yearwood on the second play after a rebound from the defense was the home team’s most dangerous action in this early phase of the match.

Frenkie de Jong, durante el New Yor Red Bulls-Barca
Frenkie de Jong, durante el New Yor Red Bulls-Barca

Lewandowski, whom Xavi left on the field after the carousel of changes in the second half, starred in a film that we had already seen before this preseason. Combinative and hard-working, he often went down to support the development of plays, but the first goal resisted him. So much so that his teammates looked for him in almost every attacking action. He failed to finish off a pass from Dembele after a collective action that the Pole himself had started with an opening to the left and at 17 minutes he almost scored a header when he finished off a center into the area by Jordi Alba and three minutes later, in a personal move by the shaft with a finial that also went slightly high.

Nor could he finish a goal that Dembele gave him almost done. The French winger turned on the turbo, went into the right, and ended up going diagonally to look for the striker, who was not expecting the pass and was unable to finish off. About half an hour later, another opportunity, which in this case was stopped by goalkeeper Coronel: the action was by Raphinha, who lowered a ball that had fallen from the sky after a long pass from the defense and assisted the striker, who finished off the dummy. Already in the second half, a Vaseline from the edge of the area that sought to surprise the goal crashed into the crossbar and the goalkeeper rejected another shot from the Pole.

Dembele celebra el 0-1 del Barca ante el New York Red Bulls
Dembele celebra el 0-1 del Barca ante el New York Red Bulls

Who did score one more day was a Dembele in a state of grace, with a dry and tight shot. He started the play himself from the left and combined with Raphinha to appear again but to the right of the Brazilian, who assisted him. Dembouz did not forgive.

Lewandowski marched to cheers despite not scoring. The public delivered and thanked him for his work. Barcelona kept looking for the second and Ansu enjoyed two good chances, especially the second, in which he crossed too much after a very good action by BaldeMemphis and Aubameyang also had him close until the Dutchman took advantage of a gift from the defense.


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