Today, Monday, press reports revealed that the International Football Association “FIFA”, headed by the Swiss Gianni Infantino, is seriously considering excluding the Russian national team from participating in all matches during the coming period.

Sky Sports International reported that FIFA is currently considering freezing Russia’s membership and excluding it from participating in all tournaments for an indefinite period.

The network added that FIFA intends to stop the Russian national team from participating in official tournaments until further notice, following recommendations from the International Olympic Committee, and this decision means excluding the team from participating in the deciding stage in the qualifying phase for the 2022 World Cup.

The International Football Association “FIFA” had decided earlier to impose isolation on Russia and its representatives in international competitions due to the war on Ukraine, and depriving its teams from playing on its soil in various competitions, most notably the World Cup qualifiers for the first team.

FIFA issued an official statement (Sunday) in which it decided that no international competition would be held on the territory of Russia due to the war on Ukraine, and that its matches would be held on neutral ground and without an audience.

In its statement, FIFA confirmed that Russia or any team it represents will not participate in any international competition under the name of the country, but will participate under the name of the “Football Federation of Russia”, while preventing the playing of the national anthem of Russia in matches.

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