In seven different languages ​​and with human teams that have the ability to interact and support, the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy has opened a “Haya” card service center to provide direct support to the 2022 World Cup fans in Qatar, and to launch a second center this week.

The center, which is located in the Ali bin Hamad Al-Attiyah Hall in the Al-Sadd area in central Doha, provides its services throughout the week to the public and provides answers to all inquiries related to the “Haya” card, and solutions that will allow fans to enjoy a wonderful experience during the World Cup in Qatar.

The service center in parallel with the “Haya” call center – which works around the clock – will enhance the experience of the fans who will go through their visit to the “Haya” service center in three basic stages, the first being the visitor reception area in front of the center, in which the problem is identified before workers, and try to solve it quickly and then print the fan card if he wishes, but in the event of failure, it is ensured that the person owns a ticket for one of the World Cup matches, and then enters him to the center to solve his problem.

A fan receives a technical solution to his problem in the Haya application

different locations

Inside the center, where there are 20 fan service sites, visitors begin their second stage, where each person gets a special number waiting for his turn, whether to print his card or to solve his problem by specialists; Upon success, the specialist prints the Haya card and hands it to the person upon his request.

In the event that the specialist fails to solve the crisis, here begins the third, final stage in the center’s work mechanism, as the person is directed to a technician to solve his problem, as the problem may be in the same platform or in the mobile phone on which the application itself is located, so the person may have to return A second time to the center after solving his problem, to print his card if he wishes, or to suffice with a copy of the electronic “Haya” card.

Indian fan Muhammad Shamhairi explains that his experience at the center was a smooth one, as it did not take much time until the problem with the application was resolved on his mobile phone, and then he got his printed copy of the “Haya” card.

new experiences

Shamheri tells, that the center will provide a lot for fans to solve the problem of the application, especially since everyone deals with it for the first time, and does not have any experience in this type of experience.

He adds that his passion and love for football is what made him accept to buy tickets for the Qatar World Cup in order to attend this global event, and he said that he would support the Qatari national team.

The Haya service center will continue to work until December 23, and it receives fans all days of the week, and it works from Saturday to Thursday from ten in the morning until ten in the evening, and on Fridays from two in the afternoon until ten in the evening.

Haya Service Center consists of 20 public service sites

public inquiries

For his part, Mubarak Al-Hitmi, director of “Haya” facilities, considers that the goal of the center is to provide direct support and enhance the fan’s experience by providing a specialized team to answer public inquiries, and to provide technical support if necessary.

Al-Hitmi said, that the center provides various services related to the “Haya” card, whether in terms of technical problems or related to smartphones, as well as any inquiries related to the card in general, especially since it is mandatory for fans to enter stadiums during the World Cup matches in Qatar.

According to Al-Hitmi, a new center for “Haya” services will be opened this week at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center, and it will cover large numbers of audiences due to its large area.

Demand for the center from the first day of its inauguration

high demand

In light of the approaching the middle of the day to the number 500 in the number machine designated for public access to the service in the “Haya” service center, Al-Hitmi believes that the turnout at the center during the first days was acceptable and okay in light of the successive numbers throughout the day, but he stressed that The center is fully prepared to receive any numbers of fans, whether before the World Cup or during the tournament.

Similar to the “Haya” call center, the center provides its services to the public in seven languages: Arabic, English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Hindi, provided that the Portuguese language is added during the World Cup.

The “Haya” card is mandatory to attend the 2022 World Cup matches, and it serves as a corridor to the eight stadiums to attend the matches, in addition to being a document that replaces the “Visa” for foreigners to come to Qatar, and grants its owner the freedom to move free of charge through public transportation within Qatar on match days. throughout the tournament.

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