Italy VS North Macedonia

 Giorgio Chiellini, the defender of the Italian national team, talked about his country’s chances of qualifying for the World Cup finals, before the expected match against North Macedonia, which is scheduled to be held at 10:15 pm, tomorrow, Thursday, at the Renzo Barbera stadium, as part of the semi-finals of the European qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup. The coming months will be held in Qatar.

Chiellini said in statements during today’s press conference: “We were unlucky in the first match with Bulgaria and we could have performed better, but we dominated the two matches with Switzerland and did not take advantage of our chances to win.”

Chiellini added: “I don’t think we need anything extraordinary to bring us back to the level we saw at Wembley, we need humility because North Macedonia is not here as a coincidence, there are players we know and get to know through football in their clubs.”

“We just need to be ourselves, play our football and do it calmly, all that has allowed us to lose very few games in the last three years,” Chiellini stressed.

Chiellini continued: “Those who experienced disappointment four years ago will also have the experience and the calm to control their emotions because that was a very important lesson we learned.”

“I’m fine, I’ve been training well and had some doubts, but I actually did really well and I’m happy to be here,” Chiellini said.

Chiellini spoke: “There is another training session, the coach will make his choices, but I am ready. Looking back on the last month, training without problems is already an achievement.”

“I don’t need a good World Cup to finish my career, but it would be nice to change that direction! I’ve always had great experiences with Euros, not so much with the World Cup, but I hope we can finish on the high side,” Chiellini said.

“It’s such an important goal for all of us that we can all get the enthusiasm from the fans and we just need to be ourselves,” Chiellini continued.

Chiellini concluded: “We must not get into this tension or feel that if we lose it will go down in history. We must play with faith in ourselves, not with fear, even if it means a sprinkle of arrogance. We must enjoy this occasion.”

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