•  The Madridista winger, who disappeared with his club, was once again the absolute crack of his country with a double of goals that eliminated the Austrians from the playoffs
'Bale' makes Wales dream of beating Austria

Like veteran tennis players or boxers with a long history, Gareth Bale chooses his battles. In football, it is eleven against eleven but the Welshman, you know, is a golf player locked in the body of a footballer and acts based on it. Thus, the game against Austria was marked in red and, when it was time to equip the helmet, he did not disappoint.

His were the goals that gave Wales the pass to the ‘final’ of the European Repechage for the Qatar World Cup in which they will have to face the winner of Scotland – Ukraine (postponed to June) for a place that they have not achieved since 1958.

in that order

Despite the festive atmosphere, the truth is that the Welsh team, and the almost 30,000 fans who filled the Cardiff City Stadium, began the game with a scare in the body. After minute three, Baumgartner, in a quick play, stood in front of the local goalkeeper and wanted to adjust the ball so much that it crashed into the crossbar. What could have been and was not?

As a result, Wales recovered and conquered the ball. And the occasions. And in one of them, from a direct free kick, Gareth Bale placed the leather on the grass, hit it with his left foot, and put it in the top corner. In that order. It seemed easy. But is not. And it is that the Welshman did not fool anyone with that famous banner (Wales. Golf. Madrid) and against Austria, he demonstrated it again in case there was someone clueless. Neither discomfort nor pain. With the selection of him is another player. ‘Another Bale’. Nothing like a flag to cure all the ills of one extreme of extremes. I Loved Cardiff, hated Madrid.

suffer to live

Already in the second half, Wales did not hit the brakes and saw Alaba’s Austria (who played left-back) against the ropes, but the direction. Bale again, picking up a ball in the area, beat Lindner with a cross-shot. Even more adored in his house, the Real Madrid player.

After that, the game calmed down and Wales just continued with their task of keeping the score but it didn’t work out at all, and Davies, with their own goal, spiced up the game and the Austrians on the track of a draw that they finally failed. Thus, Bale’s Wales continues with options to be in Qatar while Alaba’s Austria will have to watch it from the sofa.

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