The International Football Association “FIFA” is studying the possibility of postponing the Women’s World Cup “Australia and New Zealand 2023” for several months due to the climate, to be held in early 2024.

And newspaper sources said that “FIFA” asked several heads of national federations in Europe, about a “possible” postponement of the Women’s World Cup, scheduled for July and August 2023.

The sources indicated the desire of the International Federation of the Game to postpone the Women’s World Cup to January and February of 2024, instead of holding it next summer, July and August.

As the nature of the climate in Australia and New Zealand in the summer is behind the “possible” postponement of the Women’s World Cup, FIFA wants to hold most matches during the day. Sunset in New Zealand and Australia is delayed during the winter to eight in the evening compared to five in the evening in the summer.

The International Football Association “FIFA“, headed by the Swiss Gianni Infantino, announced the selection of Australia and New Zealand to host the next Women’s World Cup, scheduled for 2023.

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