Facebook removes the like button from public pages

Social media company Facebook said on Wednesday that it has removed the Like button from its redesigned public pages used by artists, public figures, and brands.

The company explained that Facebook pages only show followers and have a dedicated news feed where users can join conversations, interact with their peers and interact with fans.

Facebook said of the redesign: We are removing the like button and focusing on followers to simplify the way people communicate with their favorite pages.

The social network today announced a major change in the Facebook page experience for creatives and public figures, which includes a new look, a new feel, updated navigation and a personalized news feed, a new question-and-answer format for engaging fans, and other tools and ideas.

The company’s plans to fix the public pages were first reported last summer, when it began testing the updated appearance with a select number of notable individuals, including actors, authors and creatives, followed by the English business pages.

Facebook says today: The new experience officially begins appearing on all public pages in the coming months.

One of the major changes to the new design of public pages was removing the Like button because it was falsifying the page’s true popularity.

Many Facebook users liked a page, but they unfollowed it later to remove its updates from the news feed because it exceeded their interest, or they liked a page as a service to a friend after receiving the request, but they refused to receive its updates.

Facebook now says: Page followers will be the metric in the new experience, as it is a better indication of the number of liked people receiving updates from the page.

Public pages are also getting their own news feed as another noticeable change, which means that the page itself can engage in conversations as a public figure or brand, track trends, and engage with its fans.

This personalized news feed also suggests public figures, Pages, groups, and other popular content for the page or public persona to interact with.

When you follow a page, you see its comments via other people’s posts at the top of the comments section, which gives you better visibility, along with a more visible blue verification badge that indicates the page has been verified.

Facebook says: Other people can follow pages directly from the recommended comments and posts.

The platform introduces a new question-and-answer format that allows pages to interact better with fans.

Followers can ask questions on the page about a topic and when the page answers, it becomes possible for people to scroll through those questions to learn more.

This can be useful for companies that want to answer common questions in a different way so that fans get to know the content creator they like.

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