Facebook removes “fake” networks from 8 countries

Facebook said on Friday that it had dismantled seven separate networks of fake accounts and pages on its platform that were active in Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Myanmar, Georgia and Ukraine, due to the practice of “coordinated false behavior.”

The social media platform announced that it was removing the new networks as part of its monthly report on “coordinated fake behavior,” which also indicated that Facebook had removed nearly 8,000 pages involved in phishing campaigns around the world last October.

Many of the networks Facebook removed were involved in deceptive political influence campaigns using fake accounts, targeting audiences locally and abroad.

Facebook found two “fake” networks in Georgia that publish political content, one of them affiliated with individuals linked to two political parties.

In Ukraine and Myanmar, the social media giant discovered that public relations firms were running similar deceptive campaigns on behalf of political parties.

The company was taking strict measures against such accounts worldwide after it was criticized for not developing tools fast enough to combat extremist content and propaganda operations.

And in a separate Facebook story, a public Facebook group promoting false allegations of voter fraud, and Democrats trying to “steal” the US election quickly swelled to more than 325,000 members Thursday, just one day after its creation.

And the “Stop the Steal” group – which says: It was created by the conservative non-profit organization Women for America First, called “the alarm to protect the integrity of the vote.”

“Democrats plan to deny Republican votes the right to vote,” the group’s Stop the Steal describes. It is up to us, the American people, to fight and end it. ”

The group directed the new members to a page to record an email “in case this group is monitored by social media.”

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