Facebook introduces new security options in 2021

Facebook said it will start allowing users to set up physical security keys as a way to verify identity before logging into the social network’s mobile app starting next year.

The company currently offers an option to request a physical security key in order to connect to a desktop computer before each login.

“Users can purchase physical security keys from retailers and register them with Facebook,” the company said.

The company supports the use of mobile security keys, so anyone who logs into an account needs more than just a password.

Security keys can take a variety of forms, including keys that generate numbers that should be used with traditional passwords during the account sign-in process.

The world’s largest social network said it also plans to expand its Facebook Protect security program for high-profile accounts, including election candidates, to more types of accounts globally in the next year.

The launch of the new security services comes on the heels of the hacking of the Twitter social platform in July, which led to the hacking of several celebrity accounts, including those of President-elect Joe Biden and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Facebook Protect, a prominent account security program currently available in the US, provides a way for politicians, government agencies, and election officials to increase account security through two-factor authentication and real-time monitoring of potential hacking threats.

Facebook explained that the Facebook Protect program will now be available to users, such as: journalists and human rights activists, who are more likely to be targeted by hackers.

Facebook reported that more than 70 percent of individuals closely participating in the 2020 US elections used two-factor authentication to protect their accounts through the platform.

Nathaniel Gleicher, head of cybersecurity policy at Facebook, said: Attackers try to target prominent voices within social media platforms, and if you are not a CEO or a political candidate, this does not mean that you are not a prominent person in your field and a target.

He added: Our hypothesis is that you have to protect accounts because every prominent voice that gets hacked can become a tool for attackers to use to do much more damage afterwards, as well as cause immediate harm to people.

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