•  The London club has issued a statement asking the English Federation to regularize the access of its fans to the Middlesbrough stadium, who had already bought tickets before the sanctions imposed by the Government

Chelsea, through a statement on its website, has informed its members and subscribers that they will not be able to buy tickets for the FA Cup quarter-final match between Middlesbrough and the ‘blue’ team.

The London team has held constant meetings in recent days with the Executive Office of Financial Sanctions (OEFS) so that its fans can support the team on Saturday’s trip to the Boro field. Unsuccessful in negotiations, Chelsea will have to play the match without the encouragement of their fans in the stands.

The team led by Thomas Tuchel has asked the English Federation to play the game behind closed doors. “It would have a huge impact on Middlesbrough and their supporters (the lack of visiting fans), as well as our own fans who have already bought the limited number of tickets that were sold before the ban was imposed.”

Chelsea does not refuse to play

Chelsea considers that the lack of fans can be a competitive advantage for the rival, but in no case are they considering leaving the competition. “It is important for the competition that the match against Middlesbrough goes ahead.”

In the statement, the club itself has wanted to thank its rivals for the detail they have had with the sale of tickets for the match. “The Boro board has been sympathetic to our situation and has decided to keep the sale of tickets for the game open for one more day.”

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