Leicester City will host its rival Tottenham at 3:00 pm on Sunday, in the meeting that brings them together at Tottenham Stadium in the 35th round of Premier League.

Tottenham fell in the trap of a goalless draw against Brentford last round, to remain in fifth place in the standings with 58 points, two points behind Arsenal, while Leicester City is tenth in the standings with 42 points, after a goalless draw against Aston Villa.

Tottenham are looking to correct the path and return to the winning streak again in order to break into the golden square to compete strongly for a seat in the Aruba Champions League next season, so they will attend the meeting with full force to try to snatch the full points.

On the other hand, Leicester City is looking in this match for full points in order to advance on the table and approach a position that qualifies the team for one of the European championships, whether the European League or the European Conference League, as it is far from the Champions League.

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