•  The Galatasaray coach wanted to answer in Catalan during the press conference at the Camp Nou, in a gesture that has been applauded by several fans on social media

Domènec Torrent, Galatasaray coach, lived a special night at the Camp Nou due to his status as a Barça member and his Barcelona past, but that was not an impediment for him to win a valuable draw for the second leg of the Europa League round of 16 .

After the game, Torrent appeared at a press conference and left a curious moment that has generated a stir on social networks. The coach was asked in Spanish and answered in Catalan, in a gesture that many have applauded for wanting to defend his mother tongue.

“I’m going to answer you in Catalan because it’s my language and they’ll translate it for you”, said Domènec Torrent before delving into his analysis of the match against Barça and his team’s chances of passing the tie against the Catalans.

🗣🟡🔴 Roda de premsa de @DomeTorrent

"Et contestaré en català, que és la meva llengua, i ja et traduiran"#ZonaEuropaE3
https://t.co/6DPmo7gmqZ pic.twitter.com/vUMXAYVwdk

— Esport3 (@esport3) March 10, 2022

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