Epic Games offers free V-Bucks for Apple users

Epic Games announced that V-Bucks for the macOS and iOS versions of Fortnite will be added to your account so you can spend it on other platforms.

Epic Games says: Players who purchase V-Bucks via iOS and macOS should receive their credits by November 9.

This V-Bucks can be spent on any platform that can play Fortnite other than iOS or macOS.

Players can still play on Mac and iOS, but cannot play any of the new updates, and are stuck within the map and features of last season, and Epic Games wants to award these players compensation.

And iOS players will receive an additional amount of free V-Bucks equal to the current unspent balance of V-Bucks purchased through the App Store.

Anyone who has played Fortnite on a Mac will receive the same benefits, and anyone who has previously played with Apple products and is now using a PC, Xbox or PS4 should get free V-Bucks as well.

It is reported that the legal battle between Epic Games and Apple is still ongoing over the alternative payment system for the manufacturer of the game Fortnite, as this system led to the expulsion of the game from the Apple App Store, and the beginning of the lawsuits that are still pending.

Apple had to allow Epic Games to keep updating the Unreal game engine, but Fortnite remains outside the app store.

Epic Games’ battle with Apple has cast a shadow over the iOS and macOS versions of Fortnite, play outside Apple’s ecosystem is disabled, and seasonal updates and the battle pass system are inaccessible.

Fortnite has not seen the Marvel Nexus War update on Apple platforms this summer, nor the concert series that followed, and there is no information on when any of this content will be returned.

And if Apple players want to spend their V-Bucks and stay up to date on the game, they’ll have to do so elsewhere.

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