Epic Games may also bring your facial expressions to Fortnite

Epic Games has bought Hyprsense for real-time face animation technology, so that it can put your facial expressions directly into a video game character using a simple webcam, a technology that looks very suitable for Fortnite.

“The acquisition will enable the game development company to explore more innovations in digital characters,” said Kim Libreri, head of games at Epic Games.

The constant update has transformed Fortnite from a game into a popular social space for spending time with friends.

Despite these constant updates, the idioms have always been limited to the emotions that Epic Games introduces into the game.

Epic Games’ plans for the Hyprsense face animation technology remain unclear, but there is speculation that it could initially be used as a vehicle for the developer’s creative expression in an online social environment rather than treating it as an exclusive gaming feature.

Fortnite has hosted many social experiences since its launch, such as: concerts and premier movie screenings, which turned it into a platform more than just a game.

“Bringing in the Hyprsense team allows us to get close to the goal of giving all creators full control over their visions,” says Epic Games’s head of games.

Epic Games previously explored inexpensive forms of motion capture for the Unreal game engine, including using the iPhone’s TrueDepth camera to create a depth map of a face, but the ability to use a webcam could make facial motion capture possible for more developers.

In March this year, Epic Games acquired British company Cubic Motion Ltd, a digital animation technology company, for an undisclosed sum.

While in January 2019 Epic Games acquired 3lateral Serbian tech company, 3lateral’s tech solutions are used to create virtual characters across games, movies and TV shows.

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