Dodge plans to build a car with an electric motor

American automaker Dodge has a history of building some very fast cars, including the Challenger Demon.

Anyone who follows electric cars knows that they can be incredibly fast. An excellent example of this is the new Tesla Model S Plaid which is one of the fastest cars in the entire world.

And a new report shows that Dodge plans to build an electric car that would outperform the Hellcat. Dodge was reluctant to supply electricity to its cars. But that is changing now that the company is part of Stellantis.

The report says Dodge is currently working on at least six electric vehicles. The six cars are now in the design studio in Michigan.

Dodge has repeatedly warned that it needs to move away from the V8 engine in order to comply with looming emissions regulations.

However, switching to electrification is no excuse to stop making high-performance cars.

The company is taking advantage of the instantaneous torque of a battery-powered motor to create the fastest car ever launched.

Dodge and Electricity:
Dodge, part of the giant Stellantis group formed earlier in 2021, is following the rest of its sister companies towards electric.

The report indicated that one of the electric cars currently under development will be the fastest Dodge ever. The 2018 Challenger Demon won this title, as it sprints from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in a time of 2.3 seconds.

Automakers around the world are scrambling to electrify their cars to meet the increasing demands of the federal economy.

And the Dodge would have to be extremely fast to beat the Model S Plaid that Tesla claims can hit 100 km/h in less than two seconds, making it faster than the Challenger Demon.

Dodge hasn’t detailed its electrification strategy, so it’s not yet known if the rumored electric vehicle will arrive as a coupe or a sedan.

Dodge is not fully electric yet. It plans to build the Challenger until at least 2023, according to documents released by a Canadian federation in 2020.

And it’s too soon to tell if that means the end of the Hemi V8 engine. But the report stressed that plug-in hybrid technology was in the company’s planning, which was in line with comments made by the then-Fiat Chrysler Automobiles president.

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