Do you really need to install an anti virus program on your Mac computer?

Many Mac computer users believe that their computers are not affected by malware and viruses due to the great effort that Apple makes in including many security tools in the macOS operating system in which the Mac computer runs, as these tools work by default to preserve Security of users’ data and information.

However, in a recent report by the digital security company (Intego), it was found that there were many new threats specifically targeting Mac computers in the month of June 2019 alone, so is there really a need to install a third-party antivirus program in your Mac computer?

What are the main weaknesses in a Mac computer?

Mac computer contains some built-in anti-malware and virus tools, as it checks the applications that you are running, and makes sure that it does not match the list of known bad applications, such as: XProtect tool that works in the background, as it isolates files that you download from the Internet.

For example: When you download an application from the Internet, you will see a warning message informing you that the application has been downloaded from the web, in addition to the specified website, the built-in Gatekeeper tool checks that the application is safe and trustworthy and asks for your permission before opening it on your computer.

However, security expert Thomas Reid of Malwarebytes says: “These defenses are not as comprehensive as they seem, as the list of malicious file signatures for XProtect is hardly comprehensive, and it checks files against only 94 rules, which is what It represents a very small fraction of the rules found in any other powerful antivirus application. ”

Security tech blogger Kirk McKillhern and one of the co-authors of the previous report on Intego agrees, saying: “XProtect only looks at very few known strains of malware.”

Security expert Thomas Reid adds: “This tells us that things are not enough. The Gatekeeper tool in Mac is still unable to check the signature in non-quarantined apps when they are running, which means that any cybercriminal can tamper with any application. Legitimate, and will still be allowed to run in Mac OS. ”

So, should an anti-virus program be installed on your computer?

Some users believe that installing an anti-virus application on a Mac computer will slow down the performance significantly, making them content with the built-in protection tools in the operating system, but this belief appears incorrect, as modern Mac computers have many powerful resources to allow anti-virus programs to protect you. Without any noticeable effect on Mac computer speed and performance.

Installing an anti-virus program is necessary, especially if the computer contains very important and sensitive information, but bear in mind that the largest part of protecting your data falls on you despite the presence of an anti-virus program.

Where you need to develop skills in dealing with various programs and applications, and know what to do and not do, for example: you should never install suspicious files, or download any files from untrustworthy sites, and then as long as you strive to avoid these Types of errors, the tools included in the Mac OS should be sufficient to fully protect your files and data.

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