Discover 3 new features in Google Maps

Google is always working to make its application more useful and convenient, and adding a lot of tools and advantages to it, as it announced the addition of three new features to the Google Maps application, including the state of congestion in direct transport.

Google said: “Since the beginning of the epidemic, we have added nearly 250 new features and improvements to Google Maps to help you adapt to this new normal.”

For example: Google uses aggregate location data to show busy times – which you might want to avoid – for nearly 20 million places around the world. Meanwhile, the maps see 50 million updates every day, with reliable data sourced from more than 10,000 local governments, transit agencies and other organizations.

In September, the Google Maps app added a COVID-19 layer that shows an average of seven days (per 100,000 people) of new cases, and if the number of incidents is heading up or down. Google now displays the total number of confirmed cases and deaths, with links to local resources.

Meanwhile, the congestion data in Google Maps will show the real-time status of transit lines when you search for directions. This expansion comes to buses, trains and subways, as Google in the past showed this information to stations only, based on users who provide comments within the application, which made Google allow an embedded experience under the status sign (direct). Because this information is collectively maintained, it may not be available everywhere, but it should operate globally very soon.

Google Maps is making itself a center for food delivery, and Google will now display the direct status of takeout and delivery in the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, Brazil and India based on requests submitted through the app. Estimated wait times and delivery charges will also be included, with the ability to re-order quickly. These features are available on Android and iOS now.

It is worth noting that Google closed the application of Trusted Contacts to share the location, as it said that it will completely close the application on December 1, and has already withdrawn it from the Google Play Store. This surprising move comes 4 years after the application was launched, as the Trusted Contacts application first appeared at the end of 2016 as an application to quickly and safely share the location with close friends or family members so that they can monitor you remotely, or find your location in an emergency.

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