Detection of the first anti-bacterial smartphone

One company unveiled the world’s first anti-bacterial phone, which stops the spread of germs.

The phone has a primary name, “Cat S42”, and is able to limit the spread of bacteria thanks to its inclusion of silver ions that were added during the manufacturing process.

The company claims “Bullet” the manufacturer of the phone that it has the ability to reduce the number of bacteria on its surface by 80% within 15 minutes, and 99.9% within 24 hours.
While the “Cat S42” phone does not effectively neutralize bacteria or viruses, including the emerging “Corona” virus, it stops the spread and reproduction of pathogens.

The makers of the rugged phone say the device is completely waterproof, and they recommend washing it regularly with soap, water, disinfectant, and even bleach to keep it clean.

Peter Cunningham, Vice President of “Bullitt”, confirmed that owning a phone is essential for those who work in a health or social care environment, as well as those who visit multiple sites for their jobs.

The “Cat S42” phone will not be available for purchase until early next year 2021, and will be offered at a price of $ 300.

As for the features of the phone, it is equipped with a 4200 mAh battery, water and dust resistance, a 5.5-inch touch screen even with wet fingers or when wearing gloves, and 3 GB of random access memory (RAM), with additional storage capacity through a memory card.

The phone also has a 13 mega pixel rear camera and a 5 mega pixel front camera, accepts dual SIM cards, and has a two-year warranty.

Professor Peter Hall, from the University of Waterloo, advises that smartphones should be cleaned twice a day, once in the second lunch period when drinking tea, to prevent further microbial transmission.

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