Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, the owner of multiple investments outside the green rectangle, who despite his success in many areas, the greatest success ever will be related to his underwear production line.

Ronaldo underwear that does not sell in Portugal and worn by Klopp!

  • Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, the owner of multiple investments outside the green rectangle, who despite his success in many areas, the greatest success ever will be related to his underwear production line.
  • Below, let us review, in more detail, the details of Ronaldo’s successful trip outside the stadiums, and how Klopp used it to break the tension among the Liverpool stars.

The start of a successful partnership

In 2013, the underwear production line for Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo was first announced, and at that time, as much as he won the admiration and praise from his fans, he received the same amount of ridicule and humor from fans of rival clubs.

But far from the pitch where Ronaldo has used his success to promote his production line, clothing bearing the Portuguese star’s name is made and designed by the very best professionals.

For example, the first to design the first batches of lingerie models and shapes for the Cristiano Ronaldo production line was the New York designer Richard Shay, who works with a group of elite artists in the United States and around the world.

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In addition to dealing with one of the best designers in the world, Ronaldo decided to use one of the most luxurious and famous garment processing factories in the world, the Danish JBS factory, which produces the fabric himself and manufactures it in its final form as underwear.

The factory has been operating in full and non-stop since 1939 and is the most famous in Scandinavia, and exports the products of the Ronaldo line all over the world.. well not all of them.

Not sold in Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo does not have his own retail stores to use as outlets for his product line, not even in his home country of Portugal, but he mainly relies on retailers already present and reputable in each country to sell his products.

By reviewing the stores that Ronaldo deals with officially in each country, we did not find any store in his native Portugal, not even in Spain, where he spent most of his football career, nor in England or Italy, where he was for years.

The stores that Ronaldo deals with and which are clearly mentioned in the flyers of his underwear company are exclusively in Argentina, Austria, Chile, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Peru, Poland, Singapore, Sweden, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates and the United States of America.

At the same time, and according to the company’s bulletin, the products are also exported and delivered to several places in the world for a fee that does not exceed 50 and 75 US dollars.

Perhaps it is a matter of marketing or the feasibility of dealing with outlets in countries other than the ones mentioned, this matter will remain ambiguous for some time, but in the end who is better than Ronaldo’s team to determine how, where and how much he sells his products.

Products prices

On the mention of “how much he sells his products” let us take you on a tour to get acquainted with the prices of the products of the Portuguese star’s underwear production line.

Let us first assure you that it is not just lingerie, even the product line that was called ‘CR7 Underwear’, later renamed ‘CR7US’ to be more inclusive of all the products the Portuguese have to offer.

After a few months of the success of the production line for underwear, the production operations were expanded to include outdoor and sportswear, socks, shoes, perfumes, and even accessories such as sunglasses and others.

After researching and checking, we confirmed that the cheapest thing that a Ronaldo fan can get from the various clothes available through his online store and retail stores is three pairs of socks at a price of $15, which is the same price you would get if you wanted to buy three pairs of the same style of socks from branches The German company “Adidas” from within the United Arab Emirates.

Underwear costs between $21 and $42 a piece, and outdoor clothing and sportswear range in price from $33 to $66 for a crew.

Really amazing is the price of the perfume, which does not exceed 43 dollars, a number that may seem tempting to fans of the Portuguese star.

Jurgen Klopp also wears it

In 2019, months after losing the Champions League final against Real Madrid and achieving the title the following season against Tottenham, Jurgen Klopp came out with the most amazing story about Ronaldo’s underwear.

“I’ll tell you a true story,” he told Bild newspaper while honoring the time. “I bought a piece of Cristiano Ronaldo’s underwear line years before the match and I’ve never worn it.”

He added, “Before the final, I wore it and lifted it up to my chest, maybe so that everyone could see it, and indeed everyone watched it and we laughed, and that was my goal, to break the state of tension.”

Whether to break the tension or to show off by wearing clothes that make a fan feel like belonging to an entity, Ronaldo’s clothing line has succeeded in spreading rapidly in the world, so that counterfeit products have abounded and are circulated in many parts of the world bearing the logo and image of the Portuguese.

In the end, Ronaldo was able to take advantage of his success in football wonderfully at the height of his success to achieve other guaranteed gains after the retirement of the round witch.





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