A woman who accused Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo of rape has appealed a US judge’s decision to dismiss the civil lawsuit, and Kathryn Mayorga‘s lawyers will go to court in San Francisco this week in an attempt to maintain her claim to £54 million in damages, according to the British newspaper, Daily Mail.

US District Judge Jennifer Dorsey dismissed the case last June, saying Mayorga’s “lawyer showed bad faith and relied on leaked documents”, while Mayorga, 37, wants to annul a £275,000 out-of-court settlement agreed with him in 2010.

The alleged rape was said to have occurred in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2009 after they met on the same night at a nightclub. A civil lawsuit was filed.

The claim was made public in 2017, and her lawyers said she was inspired to speak out through a movement against sexual harassment, while no charges were brought, so she filed a civil lawsuit to overturn the non-disclosure agreement.

Court documents revealed earlier that she was demanding £18m for past ‘pain and suffering’, £18m for future ‘pain and suffering, and another £18m for punitive damages.

In 2018, Ronaldo said: “I firmly deny the accusations against me. Rape is a heinous crime that goes against everything I am and believe in.” US prosecutors investigated but said he would not face charges.

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