Comparison of Google Photos and iCloud photos

With the large number of pictures that we take throughout the day and record multiple details of different events, searching for a way to store these images to access them from anywhere has become very necessary, and then we find that cloud storage services that allow you to save and manage images, such as: Google Photos and ICloud Photos are very important, but which of these two services is most appropriate?

Here’s a comprehensive comparison between Google Photos and iCloud photos, and which one works best for you:

ICloud Photo Service:

The iCloud Photos service is primarily intended for users of Apple devices, as it allows you to automatically synchronize any image that you upload or modify in the service across all Apple devices, and the service is characterized by a simple and easy-to-use user interface.


Where you can create custom albums and export photos easily through drag and drop, you can also access your photo library across all of your devices without a connection, and modify images on any device, and the modification will appear in the image in other devices once connected to the Internet.

But the main weakness in the (iCloud photos) service is that there is no (family setup) feature that allows you to share picture libraries among family members, and this service provides the (shared albums) feature, but it does not provide a direct way to share entire libraries of photos.

Google Photos service:

The Google Photos service is one of the most prominent cloud storage services suitable for most users to save their photos in the cloud and access them from anywhere, but the main disadvantage of the service is the lack of an application for desktop devices, but you must rely on the web interface to access your library.

In addition, unlike the (iCloud photos) service, the (Google Photos) service provides an option to share your entire library with anyone else, as you can share your entire library between Google accounts only, or share photos with specific people only, or pictures from a specific date. .

What are the prices for subscribing to the two cloud storage services:
For a long time, Google has greatly outperformed Apple in terms of pricing subscription plans in its image storage service, as it provides free storage space for images within the service that covers the needs of most users, but now with the company’s plans to stop this feature in June of 2021, it It has come on par with Apple’s service, however the company provides 15 GB of storage space to store pictures and files in other applications of the company.

But to get more storage space, you should upgrade to one of the paid subscription plans that includes: 100 GB at $ 1.99 a month, 200 GB at $ 3 a month, 2 GB at $ 10 a month, all the way to 30 TB is priced at $ 299.99 per month, and you can add up to five additional family members on any of the previously mentioned subscription plans.

While Apple’s iCloud service is available within the free 5 GB iCloud space, but if you want more storage space, you must upgrade to one of the paid subscription plans in which storage capacity prices vary depending on the country in which you live. Subscription prices via this link.

So which service is best for you?

Both services offer great experiences, and they have their advantages and disadvantages, as we find that the (iCloud images) service is more suitable for users of different Apple devices in terms of integration, in addition to better editing options.

While the (Google Photos) service is suitable for all users; Available for all operating systems, it also offers better sharing options with family members.

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