Comparison between YouTube Music and Spotify

YouTube Music and Spotify allow you to stream music, create playlists, discover new songs and more, so it seems at first glance that the two services are very similar, but there are many fundamental differences between them that are very important and a major factor when Determine which service you should subscribe to.

Here’s a comprehensive comparison between the two streaming music services, YouTube Music and Spotify, and which one is right for you:

What is the content in each service?

The biggest difference between the two services in terms of content; Because the (Spotify) service allows you to listen to different types of podcast episodes, as the service offers more than a million titles, and this means that if you want to subscribe to the service, you will not need a separate application for the podcast anymore.

While the (YouTube Music) service focuses on streaming music and music videos only, where you can listen to music and watch music videos and lists of which 100 of the best global music videos.

Discover music:

The (Spotify) service supports many features that help you discover music better, as it provides you with a playlist called (Discover Weekly) that contains songs from your favorite artists, and the genres you listen to, in addition to a large number of playlists for every genre and situation Moods, loads of lists introducing you to the most popular songs by country.

While YouTube Music offers three types of custom playlists, they include the Discover Mix menu that gives you 50 tracks every week, the mix of lists containing the latest releases of your favorite artists, and a collection of music based on your listening habits, It also allows you to browse music by genre or mood with just the mobile app.

Subscription restrictions for the free plan:

YouTube Music and Spotify both offer a free subscription plan, but the limits in each are completely different. The Spotify service offers a free three-month subscription plan that allows you to choose the songs you want to play in specific playlists such as: List (Daily Mix) custom.

You can also skip songs you do not like, but only six times per hour, with only 160 kbps broadcast quality, in addition to broadcast ads while listening.

While YouTube Music offers a trial period for a month, it allows you to choose any track you want, with the ability to skip tracks as many times as you want, with quality in the broadcast at a maximum rate of 128 kilobits per second, but nevertheless the biggest drawback in the YouTube Music service is It does not support background playback feature, this means that once the phone screen is closed, the track will stop playing, unlike Spotify.

Other features:

The (Spotify) service allows you to share the songs you are listening to, and you can also know the number of listeners by a specific artist, the most listened lists in the month, which allows you to know the artists and playlists spread among users, in addition to the (sleep timer) feature, which you can activate To stop music playing after a specified period of time, the service also supports the application (Google Maps) where you can play, pause or skip tracks without leaving the application while on the move.

While YouTube Music also allows you to share the songs you listen to, and see how many listeners each artist is, you cannot see what your friends are listening to or how popular a particular playlist is.

What are the subscription rates for the two music streaming services:

Spotify service offers 3 subscription plans. The single plan is at $ 10 per month, and the two-account plan is at $ 12.99 per month, plus a family subscription plan supports up to six accounts at $ 14.99 per month.

While YouTube Music offers only two plans, the individual plan is at $ 10 per month, in addition to a family plan that supports up to six accounts at $ 14.99 per month.

But Google also offers a subscription to (YouTube Premium) that attracts those who like to watch YouTube, the subscription costs $ 11.99 per month and includes: YouTube Music and YouTube Premium.

So which one is right for you?

In general, Spotify is the best choice for you, especially if you listen to podcast episodes continuously, but if you are one of those who prefer watching videos in addition to listening to the music you prefer, then the YouTube Premium subscription that allows you to subscribe to Two services at the same time is a very good option.

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