Darder, who ended up touched, in a set of this Saturday's game in Naples

0-0: Espanyol meritorious draw in Naples

  • Diego Martínez’s team went from less to more, cowed in the first half but with a chance in the second, scratching a draw against a Champions team. The performance of goalkeeper Lecomte is noteworthy, although it was once again evident that he urges the arrival of reinforcements in all lines one week after the league debut

Espanyol closed the carousel of preseason friendlies this Saturday with a goalless draw against Napoli in a game where Diego Martínez’s men went from less to more, still seeing many things to polish a week after the league debut in Balaídos. A meritorious tie seeing the power of the rival and the short squad with which Espanyol faced the appointment, pulling the subsidiary due to the barrage of injured and the absence of heavyweights (RDT) and players who must seek a new destination. And to curl the curl, without important reinforcements that the technician himself claims. An eleven today that will vary with Balaídos in a week

The face of the duel was the good performance of goalkeeper Lecomte, who was providential in the first half. And the scare took the name of Darder who asked for the change and left touched, hoping that the inconvenience of the ‘magician’ will come to nothing.

The parakeet team did not appear in attack in the first half and suffered in defense against a much more dangerous Napoli, with goalkeeper Lecomte standing out. But he improved in the second half, having up to three occasions to have scored. He ended the last exam with a high pass against a Champions rival, a duel lacking rhythm where it was once again evident that reinforcements are urgently lacking. They suffered in the back, there was a lack of creativity in the midfield and a goal since it was difficult to generate chances. Without RDT, there is a lack of light above and a partner for Joselu, very alone this Saturday.

Diego Martínez lined up a starting eleven that could be the one I debuted next Saturday in the League in Vigo, with the exception that Keidi Bare and Óscar Gil, who point to ‘fixed’ in the Galician scheme, started on the bench. Calero repeated as a defensive midfielder, the coach giving clues that he likes the pucelano more in the midfield than in the rear.

Naples got the fifth from the first breath, showing signs of their power and being much more shot than the parakeet team. It was soon seen that the Osimhen striker was going to be a nightmare for the perica defense. But Lecomte began to show in the first 45 minutes that Espanyol had made the right move by signing him.

Osimhen warned in the 4th minute, in the 10th minute, and in the 11th minute, but between Cabrera and the French goalkeeper, they kept the goal safe. The harassment and demolition of the Italian team was the dominant trend, draining the Catalan defense as much as possible, suffering on all sides, as Osimhen won with his back to the central defenders and the two local wingers ( Kvaratskhelia and Hinving Lozano ) gave a lot of trouble.

Espanyol did not appear in attack, only Joselu, because not even a ball came to him in conditions, pressured by Darder. What’s more, the only person shot between the three sticks was a header by Cabrera that went wide (18′).

In the last quarter, the pressure from Naples intensified and the goal did not fall thanks to the good work of Lecomte and the poor aim of the Italians, as they had options to open the melon. In the 31st minute, Lecomte saved Osimhen’s shot with a good block, and in the 42nd minute, he excelled again with a save from the handball goalkeeper against a Kvaratskhelia shell. Before the break, an unnecessary ‘scuffle ‘ between players from both sides ended with a ‘dance’ of yellow.

Espanyol was intoned after the break, something more electric, but soon received a ‘slap’. In the 56th minute, Darder asked for the change with discomfort and left the field ‘touched’, crossing his fingers for Espanyolism so that the scare caused by the ‘wizard’ would come to nothing.

Keidi Bare substituted for Artà, leaving the parakeet midfield without a creative medium since the trident was formed by Vini, Calero, and Bade. But curiously, Espanyol improved performance and went up with more criteria. And the first big parakeet occasion fell.

Espanyol's starting eleven against Napoli
Espanyol’s starting eleven against Napoli

In minute 57, a double chance of luxury. Vini put the Italian goalkeeper to the test and Joselu took advantage of the rebound, forcing Contini to take the ball from the same line when the goal was already scored. Napoles did not lower their guard and Osimhen replied with a shoe that came caressing the crossbar.

After a few minutes of greater control by Diego Martínez’s team, the Italian eleven stepped on the accelerator again and Osinhem, who was going to be, was able to ‘dunk’ but he did not miraculously arrive to score a center shot by Lozano (64′).

Dance of changes in both squads, but Espanyol kept the type, with a little more presence in attack unlike the poor first half although they continued to lack rhythm. So in minute 73, Luca, one of those who came on in the second half, had the goal with a good whiplash that forced goalkeeper Contini to shine. The duel was ‘heated’ again, with hard tackles despite being friendly. Although both teams pressed until the end, the 0-0 did not move.


SSC NAPOLI: Meret (46'); Di Lorenzo (73'), Kim (73'), Rrahmani (46'), Mario Rui (46'); Lobotka (46'), Anguissa (73') and Elmas (46'); Lozano, Osimhen (73') and Kvaratskhelia (73'). Contini (46'), Olivera (46'), Ostigard (46'), Zielinski (46'), Demme (46'), Zanoli (73'), Juan Jesús (73'), Gaetano (73') also played. , Petagna (73') and Zerbin (73').

SPANISH: Lecomte; Omar (72'), Sergi Gómez (69'), Cabrera, Oliván; Vinicius, Calero (87'), Darder (55'); Rubén Sánchez, Joselu and Melamed (55'). Keidi Bare (55'), Luca (55'), Simo (69'), Óscar Gil (72') and Villahermosa (87') also played

. REFEREE: Gabriele Scatena (Italy). He admonished Sergi Gómez (45'), Osimhen (45'), Cabrera (+45'), Vinicius (+45' ), Olive (80').

STADIUM: Teofilo Patini. 6,500 spectators.





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