Chrome browser updates with new features

Last Tuesday, Google launched the latest update for Chrome in 2020, called (Chrome 87), which represents the biggest boost in Chrome’s performance in years, thanks to many improvements, including: improved speed, security and a wide range of new features.

Google has improved the performance of the Chrome browser in version (Chrome 87) in a number of ways, as the browser now starts up 25% faster, and also prioritizes only active tabs – not everything that is open – which reduces CPU usage by up to 5 times. This means that it uses less energy, and the laptop battery will last longer.

There is no doubt that the improvement in performance will differ from computer to computer, and the judgment will be in the end for users, but everyone can enjoy the new features provided by the browser to accomplish many tasks easily.

Here are 6 of the most important new features in the latest Chrome browser update:

First; How to install the latest Chrome browser update:

Google released the update for Chrome last Tuesday, and the web browser usually updates automatically when you close it and reopen it, and if you want to verify that you are using the latest version of the browser; You can follow the following steps:

  • In the Chrome browser; Go to (Settings).
  • Click on the (About Chrome) option, and it will appear if you are using the latest version of the browser or there is an update that you can install.
  • Once the update is installed, press the Relaunch button, to restart the browser.

Second; What are the most important new features:

1- Improved PDF Reader:

For the first time in a while; The built-in PDF viewer in the Chrome browser is receiving an update, as (PDF viewer) now includes a sidebar that displays a preview of all pages, and the zoom in and out buttons are located at the top of the screen, with the rotation button, and the option (Fit to Page), and it includes The menu also has a new option to display pages side by side.

If you do not see this new interface when opening a PDF file in Chrome browser, you can force it to be enabled manually, by these steps:

  • Copy this link “chrome: // flags / # pdf-viewer-update” and paste it into the address bar, then press the (Enter) button on your keyboard.
  • Click on the drop-down menu next to the option (PDF Viewer Update), then choose (Enabled). Once activated, you will need to restart Google Chrome.

2- Search feature in open tabs:

If you want to keep a lot of tabs open, it can sometimes be difficult to find the one you want, so an update to Chrome offers you an arrow icon in the status bar in the upper-right corner that lets you see a list of all your open tabs. This list includes all Chrome windows, and you can type to search for any tab you want to access.

3- Chrome actions feature in the address bar:

The address bar in the browser is where you can type URLs and perform searches, but in Chrome 87, Google added a new feature called Chrome Actions, which is a faster way to get things done with fewer keystrokes. For example: when you type (edit passwords), or (delete history) delete history, you will get a direct shortcut that takes you to this section of the settings.


4- Tools to set the camera in video calls:

Video calls have become hugely important in 2020, so in updating the Chrome browser, Google added some new tools to make it easier to adjust the camera during meetings. If you use an external camera that supports panning, tilt, and zoom in and out, Chrome browser can now access these controls.

Instead of using software from the camera manufacturer, you can control the camera directly through Chrome. However, the location of the app from which you are making the call cannot access the controls unless you grant them permission.

5- Cards feature to follow where you left off:

To help you return to the tasks you were doing before closing the Chrome browser – such as: planning to book a date for dinner, searching for a gift, or finishing watching a video – Google has added a new feature called Cards to the new tab page, which will lead Clicking it will take you to your most recently visited and similar content on the web, helping you follow where you left off.

Google has stated in a post announcing the update that it will start testing the feature (cards) in areas such as: cooking and shopping now, and plans to add entertainment early next year.

6- New backgrounds:

Google is working to distinguish the Chrome browser in its Chromebook devices – which are running on its operating system (Chrome OS) – a little, so it introduced some new backgrounds, and you can find the backgrounds in the “Element”, “Made by Canvas” and the new “Collage” groups. Where you will find more than 30 new wallpapers.

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