Chrome browser update brings major performance gains

Google concludes 2020 with what it claims are major improvements in the performance of the Chrome browser, as there are a large number of changes and improvements that have led to enhancing the browser’s performance on several fronts within version 87.

Matt Waddell, Chrome Product Manager, wrote in a blog: This month’s update represents the biggest performance gain for Chrome in years.

The improvement is for tabs, as Chrome now prioritizes the active tab over other background tabs.

This reduces processor usage by up to 5 times and extends battery life by up to 1.25 hours.

Google provides more details on what the browser does to monitor tabs in its Chromium blog, as it did so without sacrificing the background features that users care about, such as: playing music and receiving notifications.

The browser now runs 25 percent faster, and loads pages up to 7 percent faster than before, using less processing power and RAM than before.

Google began this summer testing throttle back-end JavaScript timers to improve battery life, and the company’s work has led to noticeable improvements, at least in internal testing.

The search giant is also adding a tab search feature, so you can now see a list of open tabs, regardless of the window you’re in.

This feature appears for the first time on Chromebook devices, and then expands to include other desktop versions of the Chrome browser.

The address bar becomes more useful with something Google calls “Chrome Actions,” a faster way to get things done with a few keystrokes, and the first set of “Chrome actions” focuses on privacy and security.

You may soon see “cards” when you open a new tab in Chrome, and clicking on them will take you to recently visited and related content across the web, saving you time.

Currently, the cards appear to some users only under the shortcuts area, and Google says it plans to add entertainment-focused cards in 2021.

The Chrome browser for macOS also gets a new icon for the latest version of Big Sur.

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