Chrome browser problem in new Mac computers and how to fix it

With the release of Apple’s new Mac computers that work with a processor (M1), most application developers are working hard to convert their applications to work on Mac computers smoothly, although most developers currently rely on Rosetta 2 to run their (x86-Intel) architecture-based applications during the installation process. And not at runtime, except that Google has done everything in its power to keep pace with the improved Safari browser in the new Mac computers by issuing a version of the Chrome browser that originally works on the new Apple processor, but nevertheless there is a problem.

What are the details?

An official at Google stated: “Earlier, we updated our Chrome browser download page to include a new version of the browser optimized for the new Mac computers that come with the new (M1) processor from Apple, but we discovered that the version available for download may crash in a bad way. is expected”.

Then we find that many reviewers who reviewed the new Mac computers recommend running the Intel processor (Chrome) browser in the new Mac computers at the present time or using Safari or any other browser until Google issues a fix, which is expected to arrive soon.

But if you want to use the browser version (Chrome) – which is directed to Mac computers that run on the (M1) processor – on the new Mac computer, there is a temporary solution that you can apply until a new update is released to the browser. All you need to do now is to follow these steps:

  • On your new Mac computer, click the “Apple” menu.
  • Click on the option (System Preferences), then choose (Security and Privacy) from the popup menu.
  • Click on the (Privacy) option at the top.
  • On the left side of the window that appears, select the (Bluetooth) Bluetooth option.
  • Under your Approved Applications option at the bottom, press the (+) button to add a new application.
  • Select the (Google Chrome) application, then restart your browser.

It is worth noting that Google launched last Tuesday the latest update for Chrome in 2020, which is called (Chrome 87), which represents the biggest boost in Chrome’s performance in years, thanks to many improvements, including: improved speed, security and a wide range of features The new ones, which you can learn about by reading the article: “Chrome browser updates with new features.

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