China has built more 5G stations than the rest of the world combined

China said it built nearly 700,000 5G base stations this year, surpassing its original target of half a million, as the country continues to advance its ambitions to lead the next generation of high-speed wireless technology.

This number is more than double the number of 5G base stations outside China, without citing comparative figures from other countries, said (Liu Liehong), Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Combined with previously published official data, the total number of 5G base stations deployed in China will reach 830,000.

The latest report from analysts put the total number of 5G base stations across the country at 650,000.

The data predicted that telecom network operators in China would have up to 750,000 5G base stations by the end of this year.

In his presentation at the China Development Forum in Beijing, Lihong revealed that there are currently more than 180 million devices operating across the Chinese 5G network.

Lehong said: The infrastructure stimulated a set of new applications based on the fifth generation, as the smart education sector witnessed the emergence of new educational models during the pandemic, such as: interactive remote teaching supported by 5G technology, immersive teaching using virtual and augmented reality technology, and three-dimensional classrooms. .

The introduction of 5G base stations is still a fraction compared to China’s huge base of 1.2 billion 4G users, analysts said.

The construction of 5G base stations in China comes at a time when the country is fighting the United States for global dominance in advanced technologies, such as: artificial intelligence, 5G networks and the Internet of Things, which are key components of achieving competitiveness in the new economy.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has identified 5G networks and data centers as top priorities in the country’s plans to invest in new infrastructure.

5G networks are a key component of the new digital infrastructure in China, which aims to increase connectivity of consumers and businesses.

To achieve full coverage, China needs 10 million 5G base stations, which requires about 2 trillion yuan (280 billion US dollars) of investment.

South Korea – the first country in the world to provide 5G services – has about 115,000 5G base stations in operation, according to government data in April.

Last week, the Korean government announced that the number of 5G service users had reached 8.65 million as of August.

According to the latest forecast from market research firm Gartner, the global 5G infrastructure market will nearly double in 2020, reaching $ 8.1 billion.

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