•  Nick Candy did not withdraw his interest in buying the club despite all the sanctions and restrictions that were imposed on him

Due to British government sanctions on Roman Abramovich, Chelsea cannot be sold, but that has not deterred billionaire Nick Candy from remaining interested in taking over the Stamford Bridge club.

The property developer, who says he has been a ‘Blue’ fan since he was four years old, reiterated his interest in buying the club from the Russian oligarch and stated that they are analyzing the situation to see what can be done.

“We are examining the details of yesterday’s announcement, as we are still interested in making an offer,” said a spokesman for Candy, who sees the Stamford Bridge refurbishment as one of the biggest arguments for buying the club.

The promoter, in addition to the money that the purchase of the club would entail, would be willing to add an additional 1,500 million pounds (1,700 million euros) to be able to undertake an operation that Abramovich dismissed in 2018 when his investor visa was withdrawn.

Nick Candy interested in buying Chelsea

Candy was the first interested in buying Chelsea to speak out after the announcement this Thursday by the British government to freeze Abramovich’s assets and prevent the English club from producing income.

This cannot sell tickets, or merchandising, or buy, renew or sell players. Yes, you will be able to continue playing your matches and these will be broadcast.

The club hopes to receive special permission so that the sale can take place as quickly as possible and normalcy can be restored at Stamford Bridge.

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