• The Chelsea Supporters’ Trust has set out all of their demands to the UK government as the club continues to search for a buyer from Roman Abramovich
Roman Abramovich is still hoping to sell Chelsea despite recent sanctions from the government

The Chelsea Supporters’ Trust (CST) has released ‘key questions and expectations in the event of a sale to the West London club.

Roman Abramovich put the blues up for sale for nearly two weeks now, but since then, the billionaire has been hit with sanctions by the UK government, with his assets in the country frozen.

This put some doubt in the sale, but there were still plenty of interested parties. The consortium Todd Boehle, the Ricketts family, Nick Candy, and Robert “Woody” Johnson are a select few who have expressed interest in buying Chelsea FC.

With the situation complicated, there are some expectations from Chelsea supporters.

CST has now released a statement, setting out those expectations as the club continues its search for a new owner.

The statement read: “Key questions and expectations from Chelsea supporters’ confidence in any sale of the club: that the government must resolve the situation as quickly and transparently as possible.

“The government should implement the recommendations of the Fan Led review – including by ensuring that Chelsea fans receive a gold stake by the club’s new owners.

“The CPO (Chelsea Bid Proposal Owners) must be protected in all circumstances.

“Roman Abramovich’s tenure at Chelsea will almost certainly come to an end, and our focus must be on what comes next and ensuring a sustainable future for the club.”

He had asked Chelsea technical advisor Petr Cech on Sunday afternoon about the club’s recent dialogue with the UK government, but the former Blues goalkeeper was unable to share more information.

He replied: “This is something I’m not involved in but we have the board of directors and people from the club talking to the government every day about the current licensing and how we can work, and what we can do to try to finish the season in the best way we can.

“It’s a conversation that we’re constantly passing on but continuing day in and day out, trying to focus on every game and hopefully the situation will be clearer soon.”

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