The Celta player assures on Twitter that the president’s statements are false.

Mourino had an accident with a motorcycle before charging against Mina and Denis

After the president of CeltaCarlos Mourino accused Denis Suarez at a press conference of betraying the club with a smear campaign and ensuring that he will not let him go for free, the player responded with an extensive thread on Twitter.

In that thread, the former FC Barcelona soccer player affirms that Mourino‘s statements are false and reveals that he told him a few months ago that “I’m going to make sure that Balaidos whistles for you”.

In the response, Denis denies having betrayed the Galician entity or having received the offers to leave that the president claims to have presented to him, including one of 12 million euros net for three years. “I never received such an offer from Celta. I invite you to publicly show the document of that offer and my refusal. There is none,” he explains.

The midfielder does not say much about whether or not he is away from the team. “I can’t say more being in the Labor Inspection, but the words of the president and the images speak for themselves”, he comments.

Mourino has also accused  Denis Suarez of taking “40,000 or 50,000 euros” for the departure of Bryan Bugarin to Real Madrid in 2021. Both share an agency and that is the origin of the mess between Celta and the player. “I have never sold a player from Celta or from any other team. I invite you to prove this statement with the relevant documents, as well as the income of the money he speaks of, ”writes Denis.

Denis Suarez’s thread is as follows:

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