Bitcoin price throughout the last American elections

At the time of writing this article, votes are being counted to determine who won the US White House chair, "Donald Trump" or "Joe Biden". In Arab Bitcoin, we are most interested in knowing the conditions of Bitcoin and how it performed during the last American elections.

The United Nations Anti-Drug and Crime Wing advises Kenya to use blockchain to fight corruption

Blockchain could reportedly return billions of dollars to Kenya's budget, Blockchain technology could help protect countries like Kenya from billions of dollars lost to corruption, according to an official with the United Nations Drug and Crime Agency.

PayPal CEO: The financial system isn’t working and users are hungry for crypto

Dan Shulman, CEO of online payments giant PayPal, presented his diagnosis of the shortcomings of the current financial system, claiming that it is ineffective and causing millions of people to be excluded, as the company expands into digital currencies.

Apple fined $ 503 million for violating patents

A jury in Texas has sentenced Apple to pay $ 503 million for violating VPN technology patented by software security firm Vernet X.

The legal battle between the Nevada-based company, "Vernet X" and the "Apple" group dealt with the issue of data transmission security in devices such as the "iPhone", "iPad" and "iPod Touch", according to court documents.

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