Browser extensions affect your digital security

Browser extensions are programs that add a feature or perform a custom function during your browsing experience. This can include a wide number of tasks from organizing notes to removing pop-up ads, managing passwords, and turning off the autoplay of ad videos.

The most important features of Wear OS 3.0 from Samsung and Google

Wear OS 3.0 is the first result of the integration between the Google and Samsung smartwatch systems. Samsung has not yet announced the final name of the system, so everyone expects it to be Wear OS 3.0, and the system appeared as a surprise announcement from Google at its conference this year,

The most important PlayStation 5 games of 2021

Although the PlayStation 5 platform did not complete its first year, it has an exclusive collection of games, and PlayStation 5 games are distinguished by their high quality because Sony's internal studios are often working on developing them.

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