The most important new features coming in the iOS 14.5 update for iPhone phones

Apple began launching the first beta version of the update (iOS 14.5) and (iPadOS 14.5) for developers on February 1, which includes some new features, and Apple focuses on enhancing personal privacy, which prompted companies such as Facebook to launch a Fierce attack on Apple.

A new feature of Netflix for those who sleep during the viewing and how to use

Last week, the (Netflix) video-streaming service launched a new experimental feature called Watch Timer for users of the application in phones running the Android operating system, and it is specifically directed to those who sleep while watching, as it helps them control watching times and automatically pause Netflix After a certain period.

How to switch to Google Discover on the Galaxy S21

Google Discover is one of the features of the Android operating system that is very popular with users, it allows them to get news and related information from multiple sources through the Google Discover feed based on what Google systems see matching your interests.

How to use the Out of Office feature in Google Docs

The service (Google Workspace) - formerly known as G Suite - contains a set of productivity and collaboration tools, to help teams work together on projects at the same time, and Google is always working on updating and introducing new features to its users, and among these tools is the application (documents Google Documents, which got a great feature recently.

How to transfer WhatsApp group chats to Signal

The recent step taken by the WhatsApp application, related to updating the terms of service and privacy policy, to better integrate with other Facebook products, and to collect users' financial data, found an attack and strong opposition from everyone.

How to protect your accounts from hacking?

There are two main reasons for hacking personal accounts online, namely: software defects, or human error, and while you cannot do much about the weaknesses in the software you use, there is no doubt that changing your bad behavior and habits in dealing with your online accounts and your devices Electronic, well-secured, helps you reduce risks.

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