Why is Mark Zuckerberg focusing on attacking Apple more than other companies?

Competition between major tech companies, skirmishes, and media data is a regular thing in the tech milieu, and we see it a lot and it is not surprising, especially in Silicon Valley, but it seems that the competition between Apple and Facebook or more specifically between the two chief executives (Mark Zuckerberg) and (Tim Cook) is It is something out of the ordinary and has become what appears to be a more personal conflict than a conflict between two companies that have a direct link to more than two-thirds of the world's population.

Bitcoin surpasses $ 50,000

Bitcoin rose to a record high on Wednesday, a day after the cryptocurrency crossed the $ 50,000 mark, even as analysts warned of the sustainability of these prices amid increased volatility.

Hyundai unveils cabin interior IONIQ 5

Hyundai is preparing to unveil its new electric vehicle, IONIQ 5, and accordingly showcased the spacious and versatile interior of the cabin before the unveiling.

The list of Samsung phones that got Android 11 so far

Google introduced the operating system (Android 11) at the beginning of September 2020, but smartphone manufacturers usually take a lot of time to introduce the latest version of the operating system in their phones, but Samsung is getting better and better every year.

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