Firestarter…a new malware for Android

The hacking group (DoNot) uses a new malware downloader for Android called Firestarter, which uses a legitimate messaging service from Google to bypass the detection.

Learn about the advantages of the A15 Bionic processor for iPhone 13

The A14 Bionic processor is Apple's latest processor to work with the iPhone 12, and while the iPhone 12 arrived on the international market several days ago, rumors have already been launched about the next Apple chip, and according to a report by The China Times, the next Apple chip will be manufactured - the A15 Bionic. - Using N5P precision fabrication by TSMC semiconductor maker, the N5P resolution is one of three 5nm nodes currently in development by the manufacturer in Taiwan, the report says.

Apple is hiding a “mysterious” new feature in the iPhone 12

The iPhone 12, which Apple recently revealed, has a "mysterious" feature that the company did not address during its launch of the new phone,...

Helpful advice about iPhone 12 .. 5G, data and battery

Initial tests on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro showed that 5G networks consume more data, and drain battery power about two hours faster than 4G networks.

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