How to use effects to adjust videos directly in the TikTok app

TikTok has transformed from a simple song sync app to a platform containing a variety of videos that cover different categories, such as: comedic challenges, how-to cooking videos, political and educational videos, and much more.

How do you uninstall Safari extensions on a Mac computer?

Safari browser extensions improve and customize the browsing experience on your Mac computer, as plugins can show useful information about a web page, display news headlines, help use your favorite services, change the appearance of web pages, and much more.

5 ways to help you secure your Spotify account

The process of reviewing the security of all your online accounts from time to time is very important, and at first glance it may come to your mind to review the security of key accounts, such as: email or work accounts first, but nevertheless you should not forget to secure your accounts in entertainment services, such as: Spotify music streaming service.

Microsoft launches tool to help companies deal with data

Microsoft Corporation announced Thursday a new cloud-based tool designed to help corporate customers understand where data is spread throughout their operations, and ensure they comply with data privacy regulations.

The Gmail widget detects problems with iOS gadgets

Google updated its application for the Gmail email service designed for iPhone and iPad devices, introducing a new mini-tool that can be added to the Today center with other mini-tools that can be added to the home screen within the iPhone.

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