5 new features in the YouTube app to improve your viewing experience

The YouTube platform announced recently that the total number of its users reaches two billion monthly active users, and people watch more than one billion hours of video every day, and more than 70% of the time they watch YouTube is via mobile devices.

How can you watch Netflix for free after canceling the free trial period?

When it comes to paid video streaming services, Netflix is ​​one of the most prominent and famous of these services, as it has a huge subscriber base of 167 million subscribers in 2019, according to statista, and one of the reasons for its popularity is also to offer a free trial period of up to 30 days When registering for the first time, but for most countries where the service can be viewed, a free trial is not available anymore

Attempts to bypass Facebook’s two-factor authentication

Fraudsters have devised a new way to try to bypass 2FA protection within the Facebook platform, according to Sophos researcher Paul Ducklin.

How to enable the end-to-end encryption feature in Zoom meetings

At the end of October, Zoom began offering end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to its mobile and desktop users, about 5 months after announcing its plans to develop strong encryption and advanced security features.

Telegram supports installing multiple messages in conversations

The instant messaging service Telegram announced today, Friday, the launch of new features, such as: Installing multiple messages in any conversation.

Facebook buys the GIF animation platform and integrates it with Instagram

The American company, Facebook, announced on Friday that it has acquired the popular Gifi photo platform in the format (GIF), which will join the Instagram platform which is also owned by the social media giant. Facebook's vice president of products division Vishal Shah said through the company's official blog that half of the content it receives Givi comes from his company’s apps, especially Instagram. Jiffy allows its users to search, develop, and share jif-style images - a fast image sequence that forms a moving image of usually modest quality and with limited space - that has been present on the Internet for years and has grown in popularity thanks to social networks.

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