Telegram groups get voice chats

Since 2013, Telegram has expanded the definition of group chats by adding features, such as: responses, mentions with smart notifications, advanced polls, management tools, and group statistics, while allowing hundreds of thousands of members within each group.

5 ways to block in-app purchases on iPhone and iPad

For some users of Apple devices, in-app purchases can be very annoying, especially parents who try to prevent their children from spending money on buying games all the time, and in general we find that many people have many reasons to stop in-app purchases on their devices especially At certain times of the year, such as: holidays.

How to save iMessage chats in PDF format on a Mac computer

The iMessage application is Apple's messaging service that you get automatically once you create an Apple ID in an Apple device, and macOS Big Sur supports a lot of new features in this app to improve conversations, as you can now pin a conversation at the top of the chat list to access it quickly, as well as You can create an inline reply to a specific message in a conversation.

How to activate the encryption feature in the Messages app from Google

If you use the Messages app from Google to send and receive text messages, you can now activate the end-to-end encryption feature to enhance security, as Google has included this feature in the app as part of its recent efforts to develop its own messaging application, and it also regularly launches new features To attract users to make it the default messaging app in their device, such as: text message scheduling feature.

How can you try out the cosmetics virtually via Google search?

If we want to name the year 2020; We can call it the year of online shopping, as e-commerce has witnessed an unusually large growth during this year due to the closures that the world has witnessed as a result of the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic so far.

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