Microsoft launches the next generation of Xbox platforms

Microsoft on Tuesday launched two models of its Xbox gaming platform, seven years after the previous version first appeared, to take advantage of the pandemic-driven boom in consumer spending on games.

PS4 will soon give you access to the PS5

Sony has confirmed that the current PS4 platform will soon allow you to access other PlayStation platforms remotely, including the PS5.

Netflix is betting heavily on Asia

The Netflix service is betting heavily on the Asia-Pacific region by investing millions of dollars in original and licensed content in major markets, such as India.

Playstation 5 will not support more storage at launch

Sony Playstation 5 will be launched soon and come with fixed amount of internal storage. However, gamers planning to install and keep a lot of games might know that they can increase the total storage memory of the Playstation 5, but it should be noted that Sony's new home gaming device will not support the ability to expand storage at launch.

Can you use a PS4 controller with a PlayStation 5?

Knowing the number of accessories that will be compatible with the upcoming PlayStation 5 gaming platform is one of the things that users of previous models of PlayStation 5 look for

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