How to use Google to travel safely with the holiday season

Given that Coronavirus (COVID-19) infections have started to increase, Google expects that 40 percent of Americans plan to travel during the holidays, Google has highlighted some benefits, some of which are new, that aim to help users stay safe. Google has already added a COVID-19 layer to its maps, which displays (trends in cases) by country, state, and even province.

Sony reveals features the PS5 will not support at launch

Two Sony officials revealed, in an interview with the Japanese AV Watch website, some functions that will not be present in the upcoming PlayStation 5 gaming platform upon its launch.

What feature does the Xbox Series X out of the PS5 stand out?

The two games platforms (PlayStation 5) from Sony and (Xbox Series X) from Microsoft are among the best video game platforms so far, as each comes with many new features: such as downloading games at high speeds, providing Smooth 4K frame rate, make old games run better.

4 of the best gaming keyboards for PlayStation 4 users

Using the keyboard and mouse with the PlayStation 4 platform from Sony provides you with a great gaming experience when playing games that support these devices, as these devices provide you with better accuracy than the gamepad, especially in shooting games.

Epic Games offers free V-Bucks for Apple users

Epic Games announced that V-Bucks for the macOS and iOS versions of Fortnite will be added to your account so you can spend it on other platforms.

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