How outperformed PlayStation platform 5 on the Xbox Series X performance tests?

After Microsoft and Sony launched the new generation of electronic gaming platforms in the market, many reports began to appear about evaluating the performance of both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, especially after Microsoft described its platform as the strongest in technical specifications among All devices because it includes a 12 teraflops GPU.

Microsoft corrects an error in the Xbox Web site

Microsoft corrected a bug on the Xbox website, and the error could have allowed hackers to link the user names of Xbox players to users' real email addresses.

Performance problems on Xbox One and how to fix it

Microsoft recently launched the second generation of Xbox games platforms that support many powerful features, but the Xbox One model is still an attractive option for many players, as the company is constantly improving it by issuing regular updates, but this is not Prevents that you may occasionally encounter some performance problems.

Everything about Sony’s DualSense Wireless Controller

Sony's DualSense wireless controller is one of the most advanced controllers the company has developed so far, as it comes as a built-in accessory with the new PlayStation 5 gaming platform and features many functions that make playing games on the new console a very immersive experience.

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