What is Clubhouse app?

A new application called Clubhouse has witnessed a great turnout from users over the past few days, although it has been in existence since March 2020, and its subscription requires a special invitation from those who previously subscribed, in addition to being available to (iOS) users only, and in spite of all that, it is increasing The number of users is fast, and the number of invitations has increased to the point that some of them are being sold on ebay at fantastic prices.

Math learning app Photomath reaches 220 million downloads and it raises $23 million

Photomath, the popular mobile app that helps you solve equations, has raised a $23 million Series B funding round led by Menlo Ventures. The app is a massive consumer success, and chances are you might already know about it if you have a teenager in your household.

How does Quick Share bring the best macOS features to Windows 10?

Microsoft and Samsung have cooperated together over the past years, with the aim of making the operating system (Windows 10) better connected to Samsung devices, and the last joint project between them is a new application called (Quick Share) that will make transferring files between Windows 10 computers and phones Samsung is a very easy process.

Microsoft Edge gets adaptive notification requests

Microsoft has added what it calls Adaptive Notification Requests to the Microsoft Edge browser, in an effort to find a new solution to persistent requests to allow notifications to be displayed from websites you see online:

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