How to download HD videos in TikTok easily?

Sometimes you may have noticed that some of the videos that you upload in the TikTok mobile app or in the desktop version do not look very high quality, and then if you think the best way to improve this is to buy a professional camera or upgrade your current phone, this is not true!

Why is Mark Zuckerberg focusing on attacking Apple more than other companies?

Competition between major tech companies, skirmishes, and media data is a regular thing in the tech milieu, and we see it a lot and it is not surprising, especially in Silicon Valley, but it seems that the competition between Apple and Facebook or more specifically between the two chief executives (Mark Zuckerberg) and (Tim Cook) is It is something out of the ordinary and has become what appears to be a more personal conflict than a conflict between two companies that have a direct link to more than two-thirds of the world's population.

What is Clubhouse app?

A new application called Clubhouse has witnessed a great turnout from users over the past few days, although it has been in existence since March 2020, and its subscription requires a special invitation from those who previously subscribed, in addition to being available to (iOS) users only, and in spite of all that, it is increasing The number of users is fast, and the number of invitations has increased to the point that some of them are being sold on ebay at fantastic prices.

Bypass iCloud lock from iPhone 4 on macOS Via Silver V5.5

Apple has a security feature (iCloud) in its iOS operating system, which is one of the strictest security systems, after restoring your iPhone 4 factory settings, iOS asks you to enter the last iCloud that was previously synced to iPhone 4 before performing the restore to verify the identity The true owner of iPhone 4.

Math learning app Photomath reaches 220 million downloads and it raises $23 million

Photomath, the popular mobile app that helps you solve equations, has raised a $23 million Series B funding round led by Menlo Ventures. The app is a massive consumer success, and chances are you might already know about it if you have a teenager in your household.

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